Exploration & Variation

Artist's Statement

Lynn Rathbun

It has been said that success in art is achieved by knowing your subject VERY well. and that the most successful artists are those who are able to paint, sculpt, or photograph the same subjects over and over with only slight variations, but in an original way.

However, for me exploration and variety drive and excite me, so that what I like to paint differs from day to day, or even within the same day. I am pushed to explore contrasts and the unusual. This tendency probably comes from being exposed to different cultures in the countries I've visited and lived in.

How I work and what I create involves constant change: switching from one technique to another, using different palettes, mediums, dimensions and substrates. Using different techniques has helped free me from strict realism to looser and more abstract images. One of the main lessons I've learned over the years is to paint for myself, another reason the observer will see more than one type of subject or medium.

Matisse, Bonnard, Klimt, Schiele, Wolf Kahn, and some local painters and teachers have all shaped my work and inspired me. All of them in one way or another are able to create the extraordinary in the ordinary. I try to include at least some those qualities in my own work.