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Elizabeth Carlen Graduate Student (Rhynchocyon phylogenetics), San Francisco State University and California Academy of Sciences, Broad-footed mole in hand, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Peter Coals in the Goboboseb Mountains of northwestern Namibia, habitat of Macroscelides sp. Distribution of sengis in Mozambique and Namibia.

Dr. Jack Dumbacher and Galen Rathbun on Windpoort Farm, northern Namiba, Africa. Taxonomy and phylogeography of sengis, especially the genus Macroscelides.

Dr. Seth Eiseb, Curator of Mammals at the National Museum of Namibia, processing a rodent at Popa Falls, Namibia. Taxonomy and ecology of mammals, including Macroscelides sengis.

Dr. David Germano in the San Joaquin Desert, Kern County, California. Population ecology of Pacific pond turtles and impacts of livestock grazing on threatened vertebrates.

Tim Osborne trapping Macroscelides in the Etendeka volcanics of northwestern Namibia. Status of Macroscelides in southwestern Africa. California Academy of Sciences Field Associate and owner of Windpoort Farm and Tandala Ridge Lodge, Namibia.

Lynn Rathbun, spouse and field associate, in the Namib Desert, Namibia, Africa. Behavioral ecology of small mammals in Namibia, when not pursuing her art.

Dr. David Ribble in Monte Verde cloud forest, Costa Rica. Small mammal behavioral ecology, including sengis and rodents.

Dr. Francesco Rovero and Mr. Ruben Mwakisoma in the Udzungwa Mountains of Tanzania. Behavioral ecology, phylogeography, and status of the giant sengi Rhynchocyon udzungwensis.

Dr. Norman Scott in pond, San Luis Obispo County, California. Ecology of California red-legged frogs and Pacific pond turtles. amphibscott[at]

Dr. Hanneline Smit-Robinson of BirdLife South Africa has researched the phylogeography and taxonomy of sengis, especially southern African species.